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While everyone is still trying to soak up everything that Kanye West said in his Breakfast Club interview this morning, it appears that a key tidbit from the conversation may have been cut from the footage. According to The Shade Room, Power 105 may have cut a portion of the interview that aired on the radio before video of the interview was released where 'Ye said that Tyga and Kylie Jenner were in love.

Earlier in the week, Tyga appeared on the show and denied that he was in a relationship with Kylie. During the portion of Kanye's interview that wasn't cut, he praised Tyga for the relationship, and said that "He got in early, I think he was smart."

Meanwhile, Tyga shared some fond thoughts of Kylie on his own Instagram this morning, which you can see below. We reached out to Power 105 for comment and are waiting on their response.