Detail's the whole reason this hype machine reignited, so it stands to reason that he's heavily involved in whatever this project will turn out to be. That's a very good thing, and arguably the number one reason why this might not be a blockbuster train wreck waiting to happen. Detail's work on BEYONCÉ resulted in two absolute bangers that may as well be hip-hop songs considering the response they garner in a lit spot ("Drunk in Love", "7/11").

Second, according to Drake, Detail is quietly one of the top people you want in the booth when laying a verse down: "My biggest thing this time was working with my vocal coach, just really finding a different tone. Detail is a huge influence on that as well. I’ve never had a vocal producer other than 40, and there were nights where 40 would leave the studio and let Detail vocal produce me. What’s different about Detail, I’ll do a verse in one take with 40; Detail would make me go line by line. It was annoying at first, like who is this guy to tell me I’m not doing it right? But when I listened to the finished product there’d be so much emotion in every line that it was almost like somebody different rapping."

This is exactly the kind of guy that needs to be in the studio with Jay to push him out of the comfort zone that he sometimes lapses into in this post Black Album era. Couple that with the fact that he gives Beyoncé joints that bang, that Jay can effortlessly glide over? Might have to make him an EP.

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