What’s the most selfless gesture you could possibly imagine? Volunteering at a soup kitchen? Becoming an organ donor? Those are both pretty noble. How about listening to the entire Nickelback discography on a constant loop for a week?

Earlier this month, Relevant Podcast contributor Jesse Carey set out to raise $10,000 in order to fund the construction of a well via Charity:Water, a non-profit that facilitates clean water projects around the world. His plan? Crowd-sourcing sympathy donations through willfully exposing himself to the entirety of Nickelback’s discography between February 16th and 23rd.

Before what Carey called the “ultimate test of human endurance” even began, donations soared well over his $10,000 goal. By the time he’d braved eight albums worth of Nickelback, from “Leader Of Men” to “Sister Sin,” Carey raised well over $30,000 for Charity:Water. There are still 34 days left to donate, and at the time of publication, his total sits at $33,328, enough to provide clean drinking water to over 1000 people in developing nations.

Carey thanked contributors to his campaign, noting that he “may one day fully regain all of the mental and physical capacities lost during the 168 hours of pure Nickelback, even if it takes years.” Hilariously, the donation page reveals that one of the top donors is a fellow by the name of Chad Kroeger, who offered $666.00 for the cause. Classy move, Chad.

We could all learn a thing or two from the selflessness of Jesse Carey. Let’s listen to ICP for a week and build an orphanage or something.