Grandtheft had the electronic scene on lock in 2014, what with over a dozen original and remixes released, as well as the fact the Toronto DJ/producer spent over half of the year on the road. His extensive touring schedule certainly spread his name, and that will continue in 2015 as Grandtheft already has a number of shows lined up across the country. Even with his presence as a live performer, fans are hoping for more new music in the pipeline.

Grandtheft takes a step in that direction today with "Butterscotch," a groovy banger that finds him linking up with LAMBOAlong with sharing his latest record, Grandtheft spoke with Complex via email about his recent homecoming show in Toronto and the big plans he has in store for 2015. Hit play on "Butterscotch" and read what he has to say below.

Interview by Edwin Ortiz (@iTunesEra)

You recently shut down your show at the Hoxton in Toronto. How did that feel to perform in front of a sold out home crowd?
Friday was one of those nights that you work for all your life. After doing shows all over the world, to come home and sell out that room in advance felt like I really have the city behind me. This support from Toronto feels amazing and gives me an extra boost for this year. So many friends and my team were in there too! I played till so late for the best crowd—the whole vibe was perfect.

I feel like there’s a strong presence of musical acts from the Toronto area infiltrating the electronic scene as of late, whether it’s you, Zeds Dead, THUGLI, Keys N Krates, and more. How do you view the Toronto scene?
I love it here. All those acts, we are all friends. There is a really cool supportive electronic scene growing here. The shows are great and there is some awesome music coming out of here. I feel like, being a Canadian artist, you are kind of an alien in some ways by not being in L.A./NYC. For better or worse, it makes you carve your own path in some ways; both musically and to find your place in the game. There is some amazing new talent up and coming too. There is this young act Pusher who, with THUGLI, supported my Friday show who has some great original music too.

Tell me about this new track, “Butterscotch.” You link up with fellow Canadian LAMBO for an uptempo banger. How did this record come about?
LAMBO is a young homie from Winnipeg. We have been friends for a long time and we started this song a year ago. We started it on the internet, then finished writing it in Winnipeg when I played [at] club Union there. I think it came out really cheeky and fun for the club

Now that the track is out, I have to ask; What’s Grandtheft’s favorite type of lady?
My favorite type of lady is someone with a kind spirit who knows who she is and carries herself with confidence. That is always beautiful to me. Also, I like a funny lady who has jokes!

You continue your residency at Surrender and Encore this year, which is a testament to your restless work ethic as a touring DJ. That said, do you take a different approach for a club date as opposed to festival performance?
Surrender and Encore is such a great place to play in Vegas and I am SO excited to be back. I definitely do different sets there than my other shows. Playing festivals and theaters/venues, I build sets to play mostly my own music and new stuff. I love my fans and love doing that so much.

It’s different than DJing in a club setting. In Vegas, I really DJ my ass off! There is more than just my fans in the room so It’s about rocking a varied audience with a cool variety of music. I have been DJing for a long time so I really enjoy getting to work a crowd like that and just turning a party out. I make a lot of edits just for my shows there and the vibe is pretty sick; things get wild in those clubs.

Fans were treated to a variety of originals and remixes from you in 2014; I believe all told you dropped 18 songs. Are you planning to release a larger quantity of music this year?
Considering I did like 180+ shows, I am proud to have released so many songs in 2014. I think my music is getting better and better and my sound is a lot more defined than it was a year ago. I am writing a ton of new originals now that I am so excited about. A new EP and a bunch of other songs are on their way. I just make stuff… It’s hard to tell what will come out or how it will come out but, I assure you, lots of my best music yet is coming this year!

At the top of the year, you asked fans for suggestions on who you should work with. Their choices ranged from Hall and Oates to RL Grime. Which options do you feel like are feasible?
Aside from wanting suggestions, I asked them that because it is also a way of finding out who my fans are, what they enjoy, and what artists they see me vibing with. I got a lot of responses with artists that I love. I fuck with Hall and Oates and RL no doubt haha! For me, collaborations are always organic. It has to be with friends and there has to be a vibe.

Keys N Krates, who you have some history with, recently released a collaboration with P. Reign from the OVO camp. Do you have any plans to work with rappers?
I do! I have in the past too. I hope to feature some on my upcoming records. There are some cool things in the works now but nothing finished yet.

Can we expect a full length project from Grandtheft in 2015?
A longer EP is what we are working towards right now. Maybe 2 EPs this year and some singles. Full length LP probably 2016. Again, sooo much new original music that you never know…