Tensions between Drake and Chris Brown are high, and at his show in Auckland, New Zealand last night, it appears that Drizzy sent some light shots in Breezy's direction. During his set, Drake performed "HYFR" before going into his new song "Energy," where he changed a key lyric in the first verse. Instead of rapping, "I got rap ni**as that I gotta act like I like," Drake switched it to "R&B ni**as," which seems to be geared towards Brown.

Who knows what actually sparked Drake to change this lyric, but on Friday night, Brown and Tyga stopped by Hot 97 for an interview where he mocked Drake's voice during the segment. Of course, Brown's affiliation with Tyga, who Drake has been at odds with for months, might have just been enough to push the tension further.

No word yet on if Breezy heard about Drake's lyric change, but in two interviews this morning, Brown took direct shots at Drake, and even said he doesn't "mess with dude." No video of Drake changing the lyric has dropped yet, but Drake's official fan site, WordOnRoad tweeted out the incident at the show as it happened last night.

UPDATE 2/24/15: Video of Drake changing the lyric has surfaced and can be viewed below.