An hour ago, I was talking to my live-in boyfriend about how I need to move out of New York City for a little bit. No amount of expensive face moisturizer, space heaters or robe-like jackets is helping this year. The weather is miserable, the city is exhausting, etc. etc. So, when Atlanta rapper Daye Jack—who has since moved to Los Angeles—filled my inbox this morning with the set of songs, titled "By The Ocean," I figured the world was slowly reminding me that I need to move for a few months. "I've fallen in love with the ocean, but I don't like to swim in it," he told Complex over email. "And I haven't been to a beach in a long while. I was inspired by soul music and impressionist art. "

"Poolside" somehow simultaneously sounds like a NYC jazz lounge on a Sunday evening and a day at the beach in LA, which is what's so enticing about him. He's able to seamlessly mesh his abstract melodies with soulful production. The whole three-track set is a stunning remind of what Jack's got planned for the next year, as he gears up for the release of Soul Glitch. Stream it below, close your eyes, pretend you're in 80 degree weather somewhere.