Hip-hop and Hollywood have a undeniable relationship, as most rappers move to the silver screen from the studio, while actors usually start there and move onto a recording career. Childish Gambino is no stranger to this, starring in a successful TV show, and eventually moving on to become one of hip-hop's most popular acts. The 31-year old spoke with Billboard magazine for their "Double Threats" issue to describe how he works and balances his double life. 

"I don't separate things, all my ideas bleed into each other," he says when talking about how he juggles acting (he's starring in three movies this year alone) and recording his upcoming third album. Detailing an empty room in his house that contains scripts, DJ equipment and a canvas for painting, his two careers are all "connected" he explains. He compares this ability to multi-task to his hero, painter Salvador Dali. Reminiscing about the time he visited a Dali museum in Florida he says that "I wrote a postcard to myself that said, 'Never forget Dali.' He would paint, do sculpture, ­architecture, film, photography." Perhaps it is this laser sharp focus that has caused him to disappear from social media completely, a mystery that he still hasn't explained. Anyway, check out the rest of the interview here, while we wait for more from Gambino whether it be on wax or on screen.

[via Billboard]