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After a whirlwind year and a viral hit, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew were arrested outside of Quad Studios in New York City last December. They'd later be indicted on charges of conspiracy, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, and more, and face a number of years in prison. Amidst rumors of potential freedom, Shmurda is still in jail and has been since his arrest. Still under police custody, his only appearances in public spaces have been court appearances regarding indictments and bail applications. 

We recently spoke with his lawyer, Kenneth J. Montgomery, who came to serve as Bobby's counsel after the rapper cut ties with his prior legal representative. Montgomery provided us with a summary of the case as it currently stands, including the status of Bobby's bail and why his prior bail package was withdrawn before making it to the judge

Montgomery feels strongly that this is a gun case compounded by what he refers to as "trumped-up charges." Regardless, he feels confident, and he's got the track record to back it up. A native of the same Brooklyn neighborhood as the rapper, Montgomery finds himself in the unique position to represent a young man who is at the mercy of a system that, Montgomery feels, is designed to target people just like Shmurda.