Alex Wiley continues to impress and his progression isn't going unnoticed. With a new project coming very soon, he debuts his new track, "Right Right," featuring Kembe X, on which he continues his recent trend of somewhat brighter music as he leans on some trippy production from Hippie Sabotage. With the project on the way, Wiley is also set to headline his first New York City show at SOBs next week, which you can currently purchase tickets for here.

Along with the debut of the new song, we spoke to Wiley about what to expect on his new project, the fan reception to Village Party, expectations for his first NYC headlining show and more. 

Right Right" isn't your first collaboration with Kembe X. What was different, if anything, about the chemistry between you two on this record?
Kembe is like, the closest thing I have to a brother. He's in LA for a while and I'm moving around doing my thing, but when we end up in a studio together he just rolls a fat ass backwood and it's like we just kicked it yesterday. It's like we're both just tapped in to the one true source of all based energy, we try to let that guide us. You feel me?

Your sound has changed a bit. Sonically, it's brighter, but lyrically, it's a bit darker. How would you describe the evolution of your sound recently? 

I don’t know. Honestly, I've been trying not to focus on my evolution and let it happen. I don't have like, set sonic goals for my career, like my 3rd project is supposed to sound like this or whatever. At this point I'm honestly just trying to have fun with my music and make it as enjoyable as possible for the people listening. For the past couple months I've been driving myself crazy making this super off the wall experimental music and I started to lose sight of what I loved about rap early on before anyone ever listened and I felt like I had so much to prove. So I decided to make a tape and only give myself 30 days to make it and drop it. It just felt like some squadly ass shit to do. 

I'm curious about how you thought Village Party was received by fans + critics, and what you want to do differently on your next project?  

I feel like Village Party was well received, most of my fans are fans of me because of it. I'm not sure how it was received by critics. I'm not gonna front like I didn't read every write up. I used to really really care about those things. I don’t know, I think I could trip myself trying too hard, ya know. Trying too hard to be noticed by writers. What I really want right now is to be the motherfucking drought 3 era mixtape Wayne of 2015 for my fans. I'm making music for people to wang in real life situations with their real life squad.

You tweeted that you're dropping a new mixtape within 30 days, almost 10 days ago. What can we expect on the new project? 

Just pure unadulterated yaboyery at its finest. I think with Village Party, which I consider to be a free album, I showed that I'm capable of a cohesive coherent body of work. I needed to do that. But now I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone. It's like, yo, I'm Alex Wiley. If you've been listening you know what I'm about, you know I'm not here to shovel shit in your ears. You know I've got a fresh take and I truly have no fucks to give and that I'm gonna 360 windmill on your goof ass every time I drop.

Your first headlining show in NYC is next week. What's your pre-show ritual? How nervous are you? And what's your one goal for the night? 

I don't really have a pre show ritual. I'm honestly just hoping I get some passable smoke in NYC. I've had the worst weed of my life there it's honestly embarrassing. My homie Chris named it the doodoo pack. The library sack. The shush kush if you will.  But on a serious note I'm sort of nervous. I mean, headlining SOB’s is serious, but at the same time this what I love to do and I'm more eager to see how my 1st nyc headliner goes. It's gonna be dope, I fully plan on smoking with everyone in attendance.

UPDATE 3/11/15: Alex Wiley's *one singular flame emoji * EP is available to stream below. Perfect title: