Baltimore rapper Abdu Ali continues to push the boundaries of art through music. His latest track, "Keep Movin (Negro Kai)," is delivered with a stream of consciousness flow, cutting through the minimalist backdrop with a spiritual air to it. "I'm riding in my green Suzuki hatchback, never looking back, never looking back/In the battlefields of Baltimore, where you can't afford to be no whore," he raps. Some pretty heavy imagery taking place here. Maybe a better way to describe "Keep Movin" is by comparing it to the cover art, which is designed by Adam Joumal Echahly. While the song is disjointed at times, it still pulls the listener in through its unique style. Expect to hear more of this from Abdu Ali in the coming months.

Along with new music, Abdu Ali is planning to hit the road later this month for his Keep Movin Tour, with scheduled stops in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and more. Full tour dates can be found in the flyer (designed by Richie Pope) below.