Do you remember what you were doing when you were two years old? Jamming crayons up your nose, most likely. What you probably weren't doing was playing knock-out sets for your family and friends. Well, DJ Arch Jnr. isn't like most two-year-olds. In the above video (and there's plenty of others), the young South African prodigy uses Numark CDJs to beat-match, adjust the levels, fade low, mid and high end in and out, and work the crowd for a genuinely great set.

And when we say "great," we don't mean "great for a two-year old," we mean "great for someone 10 times his age." It truly is phenomenal and we can only imagine how good he's going to be when he's older. He'll either be a world-class superstar or he'll get distracted by groupies.Watch his Valentine's Mix above and then check out some of his other jaw-dropping videos over at his YouTube channel. You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.