The almost-forgotten, semi-secret, one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon a Time In Shaolin, is on its way to finding a buyer. During an interview with Forbes, RZA announced that the project will be sold through Paddle8, an online auction company that has worked with the likes of Damian Hirst and Jeff Koons.

Though there isn't currently a timeframe on when the sale of the project will happen, RZA did reveal that the group has plans to launch a website later this month that will include details on the album, as well as a partial tracklist. No word yet on what the album might go for at the auction, but RZA previously stated last year that he had already received an offer of $5 million for the project. Last month, rumors surfaced that Skrillex had purchased the album, but the producer later shot down those claims. Most recently, RZA and the legendary group have been promoting their album, A Better Tomorrow, which they released in December.