T.I. shows off his acting chops in the 12-minute mini-movie for "G Sh*t" from his Paperwork album. The video is a period piece set in the 1960's, with T.I. and Jeezy playing conniving but professional alcohol smugglers, the Chris Robinson directed video is visually appealing and one of the more impressive videos to come out in quite some time. After a betrayal that leaves one of their associates murdered, the two Atlanta rappers embark on a mission of revenge. Capturing the essence of seedy yet elegant jazz clubs that was present in many facets of the south in that time period, "G Sh*t" captures the jazzy vibe of the song very well. There's some great dialouge here as well, with Jeezy surprisingly carrying his own weight during his scenes with special guests like Wood Harris lending his talent to the proceedings as well. Pull up a seat and watch the mini movie and behind the scenes video above. Paperwork is also available on iTunes here.