Singer/songwriter Tiara Thomas is gearing up to drop her debut album, Bad Influence, soon and in anticipation of the project, she's releasing five new songs, including the video and track, "Best Kept Secret." On the Dot N Pro-produced track, Thomas keeps it soft and sensual over minimal production while crooning about her weakness for a lover, who just happens to be her best kept secret.

"I like to write while I'm driving, especially in Miami," Thomas tells Complex. "I'll roll around listening to guitar loops or tracks and freestyle on top of it. I've come up with so many dope ideas writing that way. I also like to write at home when I'm just hanging out and being chill. I don't like writing under pressure, it's feels forced. I just talk about the things that are real to me."

Thomas will be releasing more new music soon but for now, watch the inspired video for "Best Kept Secret" above.