Producer: Soundz

Swae Lee: Me and Iceberg leaked it. He leaked it on one of his tapes, not with Nicki or Thug.

Slim Jimmy: We recorded the original last year.

Slim Jimmy: Soundz produced that.

Swae Lee: He does a lot of stuff. He works with Justin Bieber…

Slim Jimmy: We just thought it was going to be our record.

Swae Lee: We just want to see girls twerkin'.

Slim Jimmy: Young Thug got on it, he liked the song. Nicki Minaj, we met her in the studio. She was looking like a goddess.

Swae Lee: She was working on her album, and we were working on ours. We were going to do some collaboration work, but it was just crazy.

Slim Jimmy: She walked in looking like the most beautiful woman on the planet, and everything was in slow motion. Then time stopped. I couldn’t say anything because my mouth wouldn’t open. I was trying to say “Hi,” but I couldn’t.

Swae Lee: With Thug, we went to the same studio, and we were playing some music.

Slim Jimmy: Fun fact: It was DJ Drama's studio and Young Thug was in there. We went in there and just did it so fast. He’s dope. He’s funny.

Swae Lee: I can understand what he’s saying. He said, “I might fuck yo’ bitch in the kitchen.”