Producer: Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

Slim Jimmy: Use condoms and get money.

Swae Lee: Life. This is what life is about. Safe sex and paychecks. Making money and riding with girls. Condom endorsement.

Slim Jimmy: Magnum.

Swae Lee: The video is going to be like Project X.

Slim Jimmy: I’m just going to get drunk as fuck in this video.

Swae Lee: Raining condoms.

Slim Jimmy: The swimming pool is going to be filled with condoms.

Slim Jimmy: When we were recording this we were with our big brother P-Nasty.

Swae Lee: He’s one of our Tupelo​ Gang. Tupelo​ Gang is us, Elvis, Diplo, P-Nasty. He can rap and sing, but he’s one of Mike WiLL’s Ear Drummer producers. He’s the one that gave us the big chance. We had jobs at Olive Garden in Tupelo,​ and he said, “Y'all, leave Tupelo​…”

Slim Jimmy: Fuck that shit, come to Atlanta.

Swae Lee: I’ll always love Olive Garden.

Slim Jimmy: I can’t wait to go in there and buy all I want.

Swae Lee: Those little breadsticks? Sheesh. We used all the money for our music. That day, when we were recording, we were just sitting with a girl. I think we had AK in there.

Slim Jimmy: No we had Chasity. We went upstairs and wrote the whole hook. It was a lot of people in the room and it turned into more than we thought it was.