Producer: Mike WiLL Made-It

Swae Lee: “Somebody Come Get Her,” every night.

Slim Jimmy: That’s my favorite song of the album. Mike WiLL Made-It. It speaks to all the women when they’re in the club feeling themselves. It’s an uplifting song.

Slim Jimmy: We love the other girls, not our exes.

Swae Lee: You know how the girl is in the club and she’s like wylin' and she’s having a good time.

Slim Jimmy: A girl in the club can never do too much because we’re in the club and we’re wylin' and going ham. I’m getting drunk and high in the club.

Swae Lee: I love the girls knocking over drinks in the club, going crazy. I love it.

Slim Jimmy: I be looking for the girl that’s trying to leave, to be honest.

Swae Lee: [Laughs] It’s like, “If your girl is over here dancing like a stripper, we’re going to come to get her.” So you better come get her. Like, come get your girl she’s dancing like a stripper and we like that.

Swae Lee: We’re real simple, take your girl and go.

Slim Jimmy: This is a no boyfriend zone.

Swae Lee: One time, there was square section, and I think the girl was coming for you, but the dude was right here, and we shook his hand. He liked the music. Sometimes we have to tell the girl like, “You gotta go.”

Slim Jimmy: We love you too, but that’s your boyfriend. It gets too awkward for me.

Swae Lee: [We go out] every night or every other night. [We've been going out since] maybe 15 [years old].

Slim Jimmy: We used to drink Burnett's​.

Swae Lee: So gross.

Slim Jimmy: Everybody used to drink Burnett's​.

Swae Lee: Cheap liquor yeah.

Slim Jimmy: The big bottles.

Swae Lee: [In Mississippi] if you’re turned up with a good reputation they’ll let you in.

Slim Jimmy: You can get in at 14. No ID if you got the money.