It was only a matter of time before we started to see the influence of trap on instrumental grime. Both sounds are essentially the slowed-down, trippy younger brothers of over-the-top club music and JD. Reid's incorporation of classic hip-hop samples and trappy haziness into both "Purp" and "Yachts Phantoms" seems like the next logical step in instrumental grime's evolution. Both tracks have an underwater feel to them that feels as if the sound is moving through treacle. "Yachts Phantoms", in particular, is so slow and druggy it feels as though every ounce of strength is being expended by the disembodied vocalist just to get the words out. Probably not one for peak time at the club, but each track should be considered an essential part of any warm-up set or after-party.

Here's what Reid told us about the tracks: 

"Both of the tracks are built around vocal samples from two hip-hop tunes I used to listen to when I was younger. 'Yachts Phantoms' takes a lot influence from grime and I was listening to a lot of footwork stuff around the time I made 'Purp'. This is where the three points of influence meet up."

Take a listen to both "Purp" and "Yachts Phantoms" below; the two-track project is being released today as a free download via Terrorhythm Elements (the free release arm of Terrorhythm) on their Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.