With all respect due to Cassie, not following up "Me & U" with this song was a grave mistake. "Deep Breath" is the second single from London producer Murlo's forthcoming EP. Like "Me & U," the stripped-down beat takes rhythmic clues from dancehall. A fixture in the UK underground club scene, Murlo's archive moves through not only dancehall, but grime, garage, bassline and soca. He knows the beauty of negative space; the sounds that aren't there contribute just much to the final product as the ones that are.

With the addition of Dublin vocalist Gemma Dunleavy, Murlo's EP Jasmine is his first full original vocal release. We'd also characterize this as a highly successful first foray into pop/R&B. Dunleavy hails from Ireland and has been contributing vocals to a handful of dance tracks from names like CLU and Unknown. Collaborating with Murlo, she's found a producer capable of both highlighting the delicacy of her voice, and still using it as the tool to elevate his instrumentals. Listen to "Deep Breath" below and stream the first eponymous single from Jasmine set for release Feb. 10 on Mixpak Records

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