Chief Keef's nightmarish and ultimately entertaining "Voodoo" is more proof that there is still some life left in the young and misunderstood rapper's creative output. Growling over the KC Da Beat Monster production, Keef adds a new level of emotion and harmony to his usually lifeless murderous boasts. Taking a few cues from artists like Future, he adds a reverb-like filter under his voice that accompanies him as he sings, raps and chants throughout the song. He also gets off some batshit crazy lines on the 5-minute song which include everything from his goons in Nigeria (how Sway?) to a odd Juelz Santana punchline. Even though he has struggled to find a release date for any of his new projects, "Voodoo" is more evidence that Keef is a much needed voice in the rap game. Listen to the ghoulish song below.