In May of 2014, Oliver Heldens gave away his remix of Disclosure's "Latch." At the time, we were amazed that it was on SoundCloud, considering what happened to Lido's remix of "Latch," and the same day, Heldens' remix was gone from the Internets. At the time, we figured that Universal caught wind of this new remix of "Latch" and had it removed, but upon hearing this new remix of Lady Bee's "Return Of The Mack," we're now not so sure what happened. Is Oliver simply recycling an instrumental that he loves for this officially-signed remix? Did Oliver bootleg his official remix to further a bootleg "Latch" remix? Who knows; all we can tell you is that Oliver is giving his Lady Bee remix away until January 8, as it's set to be officially released on Spinnin'. If you dug his "Latch" remix but wanted to hear a woman covering Mark Morrison's classic over it, get in on this one ASAP.


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