It may not be Thursday, but K9 has decided to drop a throwback to 2005 anyway. Featuring luminaries like Nightmare and Werewolf, the freestyle over Dexplicit's "Hench" also sees a pre-pubescent Ice Kid jump on the mic. Despite being ten years ago, it's clear that K9 and Ice Kid were going places. K9's gruff and gritty style is plain to hear from the outset, and you can see that he has had almost no learning curve over the years, it was all fully-formed and ready to go from the outset-he just had to wait for us squares to catch up. If you were there at the original grime raves, you're going to get a real nostalgia kick out of this. If you weren't, then you'll get an idea of just how exciting and inspiring those times were and how much current music owes to that hotbed of creativity.

[via FACT]