J. Cole recently dropped by The Combat Jack Show for an in-depth two-hour interview where he touched on a number of topics. During the conversation, Cole talked about the release of his latest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the daily battle of day-to-day expectations as an artist, and how he's learned to appreciate both the triumphs and struggles that life brings. "I decided to appreciate what I got, and the relationships that I do have, and putting value on these things, my life gets way more enjoyable, and I'm not stressing about things that I shouldn't be stressing," Cole said.

Cole also discussed the shift in hip-hop, and how when an artist begins their career, they have heavy influences from those that came before them, but as they progress, start to forge their own lane. The entire two-hour conversation, where he also talks about trying to stay out of Drake's lane to create his own and his relationship with Kendrick Lamar, can be streamed in full below. Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive album is currently available for purchase on iTunes.