A blockbuster mixtape and three major releases later, Drake has never made a project that isn't worth your time. But all reigns come to an end, right? If 2013 saw Drake ascend to the full height of his powers, then 2014 saw rap's undisputed reigning overlord...coast. For every "Draft Day" and "0-100," songs so good that to give them out for free and with no album to live on seemed like insanity, there was a reheated cruise control throwaway like "6 God" or an otherwise uninspired guest verse. Now fam's apparently throwing out a new mixtape before the Views From the 6 album he's been teasing for almost a year. Imagine: The tape is cool but ultimately OVO oversaturated, and by the the time VFT6 drops, people are so tired of OB O'Brien ad-libs (not to mention the term "six") that they barely register a care that the album is merely OK, not "whoa this Canadian simp from Degrassi might be the best rapper alive!" like his last three.