Do you follow Chet Haze (nee: Chester Hanks, second son of prolific actor Tom) on Twitter? If not, you totally should. When he's active, he's hilarious in a rich white kid wannabe hard type of way, but even more so because he's self-aware about his shtick. He even follows and retweets his own parody account. I wish his actual music held the same entertainment value, but alas, he's no Colin when it comes to talent. But he's still an aspiring rapper and son to one of Hollywood's reigning veterans. Sooner or later a single is going to pop, and then we could really be in for it. You thought Macklemore and Iggy Azalea were bad? Wait until your boy Chet Haze is sweeping nominations and "changing hip-hop" off of pure, unstoppable white privilege velocity whether he wants to or not. See you at the 2016 Grammys!