If 2014 showed us anything, it's that #RealDJing still matters. There was a very awesome movement, featuring DJs like A-Trak, Craze, Shiftee, and Enferno that highlighted not just the awesome, crowd-pleasing side of DJing, but the technical side of this artform. That movement was a part of a bigger discussion on what makes a DJ, which becomes a hot button issue when you see who's being billed as the "Top DJ" in the world, and what these DJs are collecting per show. But if we're going to take it back to what #RealDJing is, you have to go to one of the godfathers of using the turntable as an instrument: Grandmaster Flash.

Flash and his Furious Five are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He's been a part of the beginning of hip-hop as a culture, not only pushing the limits of what a DJ could be in a group setting (and on their own), but perfecting a number of the techniques and devices that DJs still use today, from properly mixing breakbeats to the use of a slipmat. He's a living legend, and celebrates another year on this earth today; what better time than now to pay some homage to a legend?

On 1980's "Rapture," Blondie's Debbie Harry rapped "Flash is fast, Flash is cool." He was both of those things on the decks, but was so much more. If you want to study what #RealDJing truly is, the best place to start is examining what Flash has brought to the table, in his own words.

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