Funkmaster Flex went on Hot 97 last night to air out some ill feelings about Jay Z and specifically Hov's site "Life + Times." Flex repeatedly called the site trash and said that they can't hang with him on the digital side of things in hip-hop.

"The site is trash, a bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y'all can't move with me in this digital space," said Flex, during the rant.

The root of the issue seemed to stem from the site emailing and asking Flex what his involvement was in the current Dipset reunion. Flex also confirmed the longstanding rumor that when he played at Jay's 40/40 Club he was not allowed to play any Dipset records. Flex even posted a screenshot of the email on his Instagram and called out Jay for copying the Funkmaster Flex app with his Magna Carta Holy Grail app that launched with the album. The full recording of the rant can be heard below, with Flex starting at the 10:00 mark.