From DJs to fans, one complaint we hear on the regular regarding electronic music is about so much music sounding the same. It's bound to happen; there are new producers emerging monthly, and with heads wanting and needing to blow up, producers end up doing what works more often than trying to progress. It's always dope when heads start calling people out, but it's even better when they show and prove. DVA and Addison Groove did fans one better by combining the both: on this cut that's taken from a forthcoming DVA EP on Hyperdub, a vocal proclaiming that "all your records sound the same" is leads us down a path that defies categorization. You could find some dubstep influence, some footwork influence, some scant 808 percussion... there's a lot going on with a little actually making it work. It's raw, in-your-face vibe is what makes it work, and hopefully this can turn into an anthem that shows other producers that it's OK to be different.

No word on when this EP is going to drop; Groove does say that Mickey Pearce is also featured on the EP.