Hearing Chief Keef and Young Chop return to form is unexpected, but very much welcome in this New Year. Chief Keef, whose latest collaborations have featured Kanye West, and who's been producing a good amount of his own music now, links up with his long-time producer on "All Type of Shit." Released through Chop's Soundcloud, the track has his signature scintillating drums, and are accompanied by haunting, but delicate synths. Sosa relies heavily on his vocoder, stretching and contorting syllables to give his rhymes a displaced, ghostly feel. Topically, the chorus "I got 50s, 100s, all type of shit" sums up Chief Keef's carefree feelings on "All Type of Shit," but when delivered through his singing voice, his lyrics have a darker tinge to them. 

Listen to "All Type of Shit" below.