The original "anonymous producer", Burial, will be releasing a new single very soon. Well, maybe "new" is the wrong word, but an unreleased track, certainly. The track in question is "Temple Sleeper" and it's being released on Keysound Recordings, the label owned by Dusk + Blackdown"Temple Sleeper" is an unusually upbeat effort from Burial. The beat is roughly a bajillion times faster than normal and those outside-the-box references to hardcore and rave are much more prominent and much more recognisable, all rendered through the filter of '90s beat-em-up video games. Heck, there's even a hint of vocals on this one. The track will be released as a white label and MP3, and will come with a Dusk + Blackdown BWD>> mix. For now, this seems to be a one-off. But given Keysound's current output, Burial would fit right at home there.