Chances are you've come across producer Brandon Thomas' name through his countless work in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, most notably as the man behind the production for OG Maco's smash hit, "U Guessed It." Thomas is now looking to expand on the momentum he built in 2014 with the debut of his new project, Good Things Take Time Vol. 2.

In total, the project features 10 new songs from Thomas, and features appearances from some incredible up-and-coming talent like Key!, Maco, Speakz, Michael Christmas, ManManSavage, and more. While Thomas handles the production throughout the project, it does feature co-production on a few of the songs from Pablo Dylan, who happens to be the grandson of the legendary Bob Dylan. This is just the start for Thomas in 2015, as he plans to drop a number of projects throughout the year, with this just being the first taste of what he has in store. The debut stream of the tape and Thomas' own words on the project can be found below.

"First of all, I'm a pisces, I'm sensitive and I'm emotional as hell. Anywho, this is "Good Things Take Time" an experience I imagined in my mind while making classic records with all my close acquaintances, friends, and family. Everyone on this project has something in common, passion. We put all our blood, sweat, and tears into what we do. And everyone that's on here is a real artist that just wants to be understood, including me. But Good Things Take Time and instead of being Atlanta's best kept secret, I figured why not actually shine like we were all born to. Instead of holding on and strategizing greatness, I figure I'll just let it manifest itself. I just always wanted people to get a chance to get a taste of the music on my iTunes. Steve Job's best friend told me it's all just energy transmission anyway, cause we're just energy imprisoned in bodies. So thank yall, 2015 is about appreciating life and exceeding your full potential. I hope everyone can always count on me to inspire and to continue inspiring. Everyday we change music forever. I love all yall. Thank you, again."