Release Date: 2006
Label: Hyperdub

For debut albums for the electronic music scene in the last decade, not too many producers have made the impact that Burial has. While classified as "dubstep," Burial's debut album was so much more. He blended his love for dubstep and other forms of U.K.-centric sounds (like the U.K. garage and 2-step scenes) along with ambient textures to truly revolutionize the dubstep scene like no one before him. While not Burial's best (that distinction would be thrown upon his sophomore LP, Untrue), Burial struck at a time where the dubstep scene was growing and expanding past the Digital Mystikz sound, letting heads know that the 140BPM lane didn't need to solely consist of punishing basslines and cracking drums. Dubstep's much deeper than some would give it credit for, and Burial hinted at the future of the genre. —khal