When it comes to this here music, US and UK diplomatic relations have rarely been better. A laundry list of rap's elite (see: Kanye West, Pusha T, Danny Brown, Drake, Chance The Rapper) began tapping beat virtuosos from British shores in 2013. And 2014 was no different: French Montana popped up on the remix to Krept & Konan's runaway hit, "Don't Waste My Time", Skepta took grime to NYC, while Ed Sheeran confirmed that he'll be recording an album with Game 

From London to Glasgow, UK producers and songwriters are making some of the most original and challenging material for our favourite artists across the pond. Whether it's grime festering in London tower-blocks or drill music spilling out of Chicago, rap has increasingly regionalised and, at the same time, the internet has shrunk the world, drawing everybody's influences closer. Hip-hop's fledgling second generation is also honouring the genre's time-honoured tenet of reinvention, by looking beyond itself into new territories and scenes for inspiration. These are exciting times, and long may they continue into 2015. 

To celebrate this ongoing cultural exchange, Complex UK has compiled a list of transatlantic collaborations we want to one day see come to fruition. You never know, some of these might just end up happening. 

Words by Brendan Scott (@BV_Scott​)