The last thing I was expecting to do yesterday was tell people that Skrillex is not ZHU. I figured that the public "knew" who ZHU was, considering that he's not really hiding. Since yesterday, I've been wondering if creating that hint of anonymity while not being 100% anonymous works much better than totally not being seen or heard from. That said, ZHU granted his first in-studio interview with Australian radio station Triple J (who previously was the only outlet to interview him), although in-studio might be a stretch. He was in the Triple J studios, but not in the same room with his interviewers. Kind of like having a projection screen in front of you that people can see through but ultimately still obscures you. In any case, he was open during the interview, commenting on singing on his own tracks, as well as the idea of being able to walk down the street without people knowing him while possibly making tunes that they'd appreciate. Sounds similar to that time when Daft Punk was ableto leave a Wall Street Journal party unnoticed. Interestingly enough, they discuss that video of Fake Steve Aoki walking around Sterosonic, but don't discuss the Skrillex video from yesterdya. Check out the full 10-minute interview down below.