It's been said many times that instrumental grime has been a hot-bed of creativity lately. Equally, it's been claimed that vocal grime hasn't quite caught up. However, K9's new track, "Stress", goes a long way to shattering said stereotype. Written about the passing of his best friend, MC Vager, "Stress" is an emotionally wrought ode to a friend.

Completely devoid of pretensions or morbid self-pitying, K9 delivers an honest exposition of his own feelings of frustration and the longing for his friend to return. He told The FADER in a recent interview: "The lyrics to this tune were written when I was grieving heavily a few years ago. I wanted to write one verse to just get some of those thoughts out my system. It's something I find hard to speak about—it's best done through my music."

Watch the video for K9's "Stress" above. The track, produced by Dark0 and Vinisionst, is taken from his newly released Mad In The Cut mixtape.