Earlier this month, we let you know that a special event was going down. Saints Of NY, which celebrated 20 years of drum & bass pressure took place on December 20 with a seriously rammed lineup: DJ Dara, Soulslinger, Odi, The Burner Brothers vs. Pish Posh, DJ Strife, and many, many more—hell, Jeru the Damaja was even in the building. Judging by the pictures and video coming from the event (which you can scroll through via Facebook), it was one for the record books, and like all quality events, they need their own anthem. Enter The Burner Brothers, who were instrumental in getting this influential lineup under one roof, to call on Ginn Doll to sort out a proper ode to the NY drum & bass scene. "Saints of New York" hits hard, with a vocal and melody that stick with you. If you didn't make it, and repped the NY scene hard, you might be kicking yourself. At least you got the anthem!