In case you haven't noticed, DAD is all about the remix; we're so about the remix that we have a weekly feature dedicated to them. While we love showing you the fully-realized robots of today, there's always something about someone who can get under the outer layers and really rearrange the nuts and bolts of an existing thing and turn it into something more, digging into the mainframe, finding the lines of code that work the best, then add new lines and layers to the project.

Remixes can come in all shapes and sizes, though. While some producers like taking the main jist of a track and taking it up or down to their respective tempos, others will reconstruct the source material, turning it into an entirely new animal. Whole melodies or lines can remain in tact, or they can be chopped and turned into entirely new mantras. There are no limits to how you craft a great remix, and in 2014, we saw our fair share of top notch efforts on the remix front. Here are the best remixes of 2014.

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