Release Date: March 18, 2014
Label: OWSLA

When Skrillex does much of anything, it's certainly cause for alarm. He's likely the single name most commonly associated with EDM, his take on dubstep opening the Pandora's Box of dance-as-pop yet again and in many cases directly leading to where we are right now. Thus, when he released a playable app game on in March, interest was piqued when a countdown clock appeared in the game, with March 14 as the end date. On that day, starting from track one (and in 30 minute intervals thereafter), the OWSLA boss' debut studio album Recess was released. A wild journey through dubstep ("All's Fair In Love and Brostep"), big room bass, and progressive rap tracks with Chance the Rapper, K-Pop pair CL and G-Dragon and yes, '90s party exhorter Fatman Scoop, too. If that's not enough, there's funky IDM-inspired "Doompy Poomp" to top it off, making the release surprisingly well rounded and wholly entertaining as well.

Showcasing Skrillex as more a matured artist than one-trick pony, it may be—alongside Porter Robinson's Worlds—one of the year's most important albums-as-musical statements of EDM 2014.