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If you remember, the last time T-Pain was a guest on Larry King's Larry King Now program back in June, the two engaged in an auto-tune competition. The conversation this time around was much more serious though, as T-Pain talked in-depth about his new, emotional single and video, "Stoicville," where he opens up about a vast array of emotions that he's been building up over the years. 

As far as not using his patented auto-tune feature anymore, T-Pain expanded on that conversation while talking about not chasing hits anymore at this point of his career. He talked about how he wasn't going out to please anyone else with this new album, and instead just trying to be more truthful to himself and putting out things in his heart rather than trying to make a hit record.

On the subject of Kanye West using auto-tune, T-Pain stated that 'Ye is technically using it wrong, saying that it was originally intended by its creator, Dr. Andy, to be used while the artist was recording the record. Instead of that method, T-Pain says that 'Ye goes back and adds the auto-tune after he has completed a verse, which isn't actually wrong, but not how it was originally intended. The entire interview can be seen above.