Spooky Black and his group, TheStand4rd, recently released their debut self-titled project back in November, and followed it up with a wild show in NYC, which featured a cameo appearance from DJ Khaled. That was just a small sample of how great 2014 was for Spooky, and tonight, he wraps up the year with his latest track, "Worn," which is labeled as a collaboration between TheStand4rd and WeDidIt and  features co-production from Shlohmo, D33J, Bobby Raps, and Psymun.

Spooky, who actually goes by his real name of Corbin for this release, is at his peak on this track, with his emotional, signature vocals really standing out over the drowned out production that suddenly takes a turn at the two minute mark while Spooky conversely picks up his energy. Spooky's raw emotions really come out in his lyrics on the second half of the song, as he spits, "You know you want it, you know I want it, you know I got it, fuck you mean I'm fucking awesome." Stream the new record below.