I see Switch being described these days as "ex-Major Lazer," which is totally getting it wrong. Major Lazer is ex-Switch. The sound of the first album is undeniably his. Go listen to his solo stuff from around the same time and tell me that you disagree. Since that rupture we've been hearing less of him. Gone are the glory days of the late 2000s when every few weeks a new Switch tune would come out and just devastate everyone with it's hypeness and originality. He wrote the book on glitch house.

That's why it pleased me deeply, almost to my loins, to learn that Switch is embarking on a new collaborative project called With You with producer Rick Trainor. I fucking love it. This remix of Spank Rock's "Gully" is super chill yet bouncy with some interesting sound effects. Automatically going into my DJ crates to be rinsed frequently. Limited time free download, so grab quick.