While I strive to be as on top of many facets of life, I can admit when I was late to the party, and if it wasn't for that insane Best Buy tweet about a payphone, I never would have known that Serial, a podcast that told a very involved story about one reporter's investigation into a 15-year-old murder. I remember downloading the first episode, because that kind of stuff (podcast and true crime investigations) intrigues me; after the first episode, I binge-listened to the entire series so I could be caught up with the season one finale, which touched down a few days ago. And while we're truly no closer to knowing if Adnan Syed really killed his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee (or what the second season will entail), it was dope to hear Fafu's mash-up of "Bad Dream," the Serial theme song and The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Somebody's Gotta Die." Sure, it's morbid as hell, but it's an interesting concept, and put me on the hunt for other remixes and mash-ups of the theme.

No, I'm not rocking the Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift mash-ups, although both of them work to some degree. I'm looking for more electronic remixes... of which there aren't many. It's also kind of funny that the Mail Chimp commercials from the beginning of practically every episode of Serial were flipped over the theme—especially considering it's the person who says "Mail Kimp" instead of "Mail Chimp" being used. Whatever. Here are the four remixes I found, in hopes that more producers will a) get into the podcast so that they b) will be inspired enough to take that theme that's been written into my brain and turn it into something crazy.

PS It could be a bit before the next phase of Adnan's story gets told, but The Innocence Project does have some leads.