Vital statistics: Over three million views for “Brick In Yo Face” on YouTube, over 12 million views on WSHH, one tattoo of an AK-47 on Stitches' face.

As the old saying goes, first impressions last the longest. That certainly holds true for Miami rapper/insane person Stitches, whose video for the song “Brick In Yo Face” made as strong of an impression as possible. The video is three minutes and twelve seconds of pure lunacy, during which Stitches, who looks like a customized character from Saints Row, shows off his face tattoos, dons a Hellraiser mask, and becomes increasingly more turnt and terrifying.

Because the Internet is the Internet, Stitches and the video absolutely blew up. He’s racked up over three million views on YouTube and, according to him, received serious interest from record companies. The Internet awaited a follow up, and a week later Stitches delivered “Mail,” a relatively mellow track about dealing drugs which failed to generate even a fraction of “Brick In Yo Face’s” buzz.

He did however, score himself some coverage in the New York Times and his live shows have been known to feature loads of (fake) cocaine. Perhaps Stitches has a future as a niche crunk artist, but his spotlight has disappeared and he’ll have to do something as insane as his first effort to get it back.