Vital statistics: Nearly 10 million views of “OG Bobby Johnson” on YouTube, over 230K likes on LeBron James's Instagram post calling it his new theme song.

Admit it: You probably forgot this song even existed until just now. But few songs banged harder in 2014 than Que’s “OG Bobby Johnson.” The song’s brain rattling bass and all-star level tough talk ruled the early part of the year. The track received a huge assist from none other than Lebron James. Back in December 2013, Bron Bron posted a clip of him geeking out to the song on Instragram, calling it his “theme song.” The King’s cosign went a long way, and the track quickly became one of the bigger smashes of early 2014.

Though Que tried to capitalized on his buzz, nothing he did came close to matching the omnipresence of “OG Bobby Johnson.” Songs like “Work In” and the DJ Mustard produced “Vato” failed to catch on and his Can You Digg It mixtape was largely ignored. It just goes to show you that in 2014 you’re buzz can still evaporate quicker than LeBron on a fast break.

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