Rating: Well done
Date: Oct. 14

Remember when Snoop’s beefs involved things like guns, gangs, and first-degree murder cases? Well, 20 some years later and the annual inhalation of enough marijuana to keep a small nation perpetually stoned, Snoop has toned down his adversity. 2014’s breakout star Iggy Azalea found herself in the crossfire of Snoop’s new weapon of choice: Instagram. Snoop, who posts almost hourly, found his ammo in a tabloid picture of Azalea with no makeup on prompting him to, of course, make a rather insulting meme.

Azalea utilized the social media of her choice (Twitter) to parade her disgust—in tweets that were later deleted—by posting a meme of Snoop herself and pointing out how he was nice to her in person. Her reaction only made Snoop Dogg go in more with vicious taunting and ridiculing memes. He even got a White Chicks reference in there.

Nick “Swaggy P” Young, Azalea’s NBA boyfriend, took to Twitter attempting to take a shot at Uncle Snoop in defense of his girlfriend, but was miserably shut down. Finally, three days after the original post, T.I. called Snoop to put an end to the nonsense. Snoop subsequently posted an apology video on Instagram. Iggy chose to forgive and tweeted, “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg.” Still, Iggy came out on top, Snoop looked like a mean old uncle, and Iggy had the last laugh when she dressed up as a character from White Chicks on Halloween.