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If you're a "deep house" DJ needing to play edits of OT Genasis' "Coco," you're likely somewhere in a party of American EDM ex-pats possibly trying too hard, or trolling folks at a Space Ibiza party. If neither of those, what Bot and house-friendly European producer Genghis Clan do with rap's most ubiquitous single of late feels akin to the somehow masterful yet paint-by-numbers work '90s techno bosses did when they earned major label paychecks for pop remixes in the 1990s. Trap drums get mellowed when surrounded with pulsating synths, and a ratchet half-time energy gets smoothed out into something far more club-friendly and four-on-the-floor in execution. An odd place to find such excellent production work, the track precedes their tune for Dirtybird Records' "NYE" compilation, which drops on December 16.