Oneohtrix Point Never doesn't try to keep up with the joneses, releasing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. The newest thing he released is a two-tracker called "RUSH / BUBS" with the B-side featuring PC Music's A.G. Cook on the collaboration. These tracks aren't something that your everyday music person is even going to get to—and that's just keeping it 100. OPN's style is abrasive and musically challenging both in sonic and philosophical implications as it's far from anything danceable or necessarily easy to comprehend. If you're familiar with his previous work, like his "Music For Steamed Rocks" bit or his album R Plus Seven for starters, then the loop-based sampled-structured music you've come to know will be a warm return. The intricate programming of the complex ideas is pretty astounding here. Admittedly, these are still perhaps even more accessible then some of his other stuff. Either way, these are great in my opinion and you should check them out.