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Obie Trice is back and he's coming with the message that it really is "Detroit Vs. Everybody," as he drops a fresh freestyle over a brand new beat that shares the theme and concept of the Shady XV track. For the production, Obie calls on fellow Detroit resident, GenoXO, who not only supplied a bass-rattling effort, but at the same time, managed to throw in a sample from The Walking Dead theme song.

Lyrically, Obie hasn't lost a step as he puts together a number of memorable sequences that are highlighted with lines like, "That modification had you on a vacation, ever invasive over me and my squad, you know the city limits got the illest image, you oughta know a n***a before you come and visit." Though Obie wasn't on the original "Detroit Vs. Everybody" posse cut, he did have two singles featured on the album). "I thought the original could have been better, I think Marshall did his thing of course the other rappers held steady," Obie told Complex. "I believe the hook could have been stronger also the beat. I'm sure it will be a part two to kind of fix it or redeem the original. Other than that it had the forefront of Detroit hip-hop at this time and moment on there."

Obie is currently working on his new EP, and though this freestyle won't be featured on the project, it sure is a good reminder that Obie is indeed back. Stream the record below.