Nipsey Hussle continues to release music in surprising ways. Earlier this year, he gave fans the option to download Crenshaw mixtape for free, or to buy a physical copy for $100. By all accounts, his strategy was successful. Jay Z reportedly bought 100 copies of Crenshaw, and Nipsey claimed to have grossed $100,000 in sales. Not a bad chunk of change for one day's work at the office, and it all came through his "Proud2Pay" initiative. 

He's continuing Proud2Pay with his next mixtape Mailbox Money. Except this time, physical deluxe-edition copies of the tape will go for an eye-popping $1,000. He spoke with us last week about the project's intent and his reasoning behind his sales strategy, saying, "Fuck the middle man. That's the way to go. The industry is changing, and it's not gonna make sense to do it any other way."

Mailbox Money be released on December 31, and not just through Proud2Pay. Nipsey made sure that all fans will be able to get copies of his latest work. If you don't have $1,000, or even a standard $10, don't fret—you'll get Mailbox Money.

He took to Twitter to announce the plan: 

If you're thirsty to hear a sneak peak of what he's got in store for Mailbox Money, check out this video featuring a snippet of a Young Thug collaboration.


#MAILBOXMONEY December 2014

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