If looking back at Jersey club's rise in 2014, calling Sliink, Nadus, DJ Fire, and Uniiqu3 the "Superfriends" of club music makes sense. Thus, when Batman (Sliink) remixes Superman's (Nadus) hit single "Nxwxrk," it's a major club music event and a track worthy of multiple listens. Nadus' original erred deeper into footwork and had a much more indie/underground trending vibe. In Sliink's hands it's a thunderous dancefloor workout that doesn't dissolve and blur genre lines, much rather staying true to the Jersey club tradition. Extending Nadus' defiant and defining hometown statement into much more of a statement of where both Sliink and Nadus sit on the rising to mainstream dominance Jersey club food chain, the fact that it's called the "I Run New Jersey" remix says it all.

As Sliink told Fader regarding the remix, "Nadus is one of my closest friends, in life and music." Continuing, he says, "like him, I want to keep putting on for Jersey. While it was a masterpiece in its original form, I wanted to add a little Sliink flavor. Hope you all enjoy the remix. #WeRunNewJersey." We heard this in DJ Slow's latest mix, and hopefully we get more info regarding this remix's release.

UPDATE NEST reports that Nadus' Broke City EP is getting a deluxe edition re-release, and this remix is going to be a part of it. And if you're interested in the Jersey club sound, check out part one of THUMP's Jersey club documentary down below.